The results are never so "interactive"

The secret of an efficient educational itinery? Perseverance.

Financial education

In 2014 Banca IFIS continued its efforts to raise awareness about financial education, project that began with the initiatives #CapireBilancio and #CapireBorsa, addressing not only to the financial market but also to our customers: families, companies and investors.
Since 2010, in occasion of the annual financial statements of Banca IFIS sets up an interactive website, where the annual report it literally separated and placed in different chapters depending on target and theme, to make this type of content more accessible to readers.

The sharing of financial topics from the report continues on social network, where the Bank shares with its followers and friend the main performance indexes of the period.
The hashtag used, in Italian and English, are updated each quarter: for the 2014 financial statements has been # Risultati1Y2014 and # Results1Y2014. The storytelling of the Bank’s results match the graphic guise, used on social social networks to encourage a very particular activity, the investor relation.

The peculiarity of the initiative, which is repeated on a quarterly basis in accordance with the schedule of financial results, especially loved to some bloggers, including Franz Russo, who reported on its website an article analyzing the activity of IR on social platforms.

Financial education