CapireBorsa, CapireBilancio

The world of web and social is too often seen as overly complex and sometimes hostile. On this front Banca IFIS committed to make transparent and accessible economic and financial knowledge in its possession, in order to share them with web users.

#CapireBorsa and #CapireBilancio

Several initiatives have been launched: after the first dedicated to the theme #CapireBilancio, on September 23, 2013, Banca IFIS’s Twitter accounts became the scene of the "social education" project called #CapireBorsa In partnership with the Italian Stock Exchange.

The goal was to communicate with simplicity the issues and the key values of the shareholder and of the market vocabulary: practical information to daily cope with the economic situations.

Obviously, it was not a lesson ex cathedra, but rather a conversation, which was launched from a video dedicated to keywords of the financial world: local, global, real. Because today, to really exist on the Stock Exchange, to invest, you have to know, measure and compare very different dimensios. Impossible? Not for #CapireBorsa.
The tweets, originally published on Banca IFIS’ institutional twitter account @BancaIFIS, CEO’s @GiovanniBossi, on @rendimax and @contomax4you, @MondoPMI and @Streetnetwork, are still trackable thanks to the hashtag #CapireBorsa.

#CapireBorsa and #CapireBilancio

Grow with us

The video-project "Grow with us" turn to all those who wish to deepen and confront the issue of credit and the management of financial resources, with the aim of providing clear and accurate information on topics useful to make - and make us - more aware consumers.
"Grow with us" accompany CrediFamiglia throughout 2014: the first two topics published are Family Budget and Credit.

In the videos dedicated to the family budget, CrediFamiglia experts clarify things to know about income and expenses of the budget of every household, about the creation of a sustainable budget-plan and about the difference with the cash situation. Space is also given to the efficient run of loans, with hints and tips on how to optimize the payment of the installments, even in situations of financial distress.
The optimization of revenue and expenditure aims to direct users to a sustainable approach to the economic daily life.

After three webinars dedicated to the job market, Banca IFIS launched the video-initiative "Grow with us" dedicated to the central issues of CrediFamiglia:
family budget, credit and debt management.
The format of the video, realized by the experts of the NPL Area, is light and fast, perfect to be enjoyed and shared.
With this project, Banca IFIS and have CrediFamiglia created information and entertainment. All videos are uploaded on Banca IFIS’ YouTube channel and on Banca IFIS’ Tv Channel

In the video dedicated to Credit, instead, we start from the definition to then deepen the types of credit disposal. Then the sale in respect of the Art. In 1260 is analyzed together with block sale and securitization: essential topics for those who wants to contract or contracted a loan agreement.