A duty to grow

Growth has many consequences.
Among these, by changing the relationships between people, it becomes more difficult to organize information and its movement, dialogue becomes progressively less personal and more functional.

A duty to grow

Giovanni Bossi,
CEO of Banca IFIS

In growing we become many.
I remember perfectly the time when we all knew each other well. Name and surname, fondness, desires and emotions, personality and ability.
It was ten or fifteen years ago. A geological era ago in terms of the speed at which our environment has changed in these difficult but exciting years, but also because recognising the roots, in the Banca IFIS of the past, of what we have become today is a difficult task even for those who have been here from the start, for these past thirty years.

Growth brings new responsibilities.
Among others, that of learning new methods of knowing and becoming known.
A bank in the service of economy has a duty to preserve its own assets, to be profitable for its shareholders, capable of financing businesses and helping families, but it also has the task of communicating, assisting those who wish to know it better, whether from inside, in the financial or receivables markets, or on any of the many fronts on which the bank today is simultaneously operating.

When growing it becomes more difficult to “define” the bank. We are not only the ones who help the smallest and weakest businesses.
Nor those who offer the most indebted families, crippled by difficult years like those we have recently experienced, another way of communicating with the banking system.
We are not only the people who finance public debt in difficult moments, or those who find new ways to collect the savings of hundreds of thousands of people. We are not only the ones who assist, with the return of the economy of tax receivables, the speedy conclusion of legal procedings that otherwise continue indefinitely.
Not only those who provide credit without using branches or who connect with customers using the still unexplored power of the web.
We are all of this, and much more.

A duty to grow

And it is because we believe that growing brings the responsibility to interact with those close to us that today we present IFIS Magazine, our work, described.
To depict and to explain, in this moment, without rhetoric, without misplaced triumphalism, the way things are.

To be close to those who wish to know what we are like.
The image that emerges is, in my opinion, informative for anyone inside the bank and, I hope, interesting for all.
The description of a new, and at the same time classic, way of banking without hyperbole, oriented towards the customer with a spirit of service.

Credit operations, the prudent collection of savings, incessently searching for new methods of assisting the development of our country and, through all this, continuing to grow.
Because we can, and therefore we must.

Giovanni Bossi