Part I- Share-based payment

A. Qualitative information

1. Description of share-based payment agreements

Top Management's remuneration consists of fixed pay and variable pay calculated as a percentage of consolidated profit gross of taxes.

Variable pay, which is limited to a maximum proportional to fixed pay, is paid partly upfront and partly deferred.

Upfront variable pay is awarded and paid after the approval of the financial statements and ICAAP report for the year to which it refers.

Deferred variable pay is deferred by three years and is not paid if:

  • there is a pre-tax loss;
  • in one of the three years following its determination, “overall capital” is reported to be less than “overall internal capital” in the “ICAAP report” to be submitted every year to the Bank of Italy;
  • at the end of the third year, the recipient is no longer in the position for which pay was awarded.

Starting from 2014, variable pay is paid 50% in cash and 50% in Banca IFIS S.p.A. shares. This applies to both upfront and deferred variable pay.

For this purpose, the Bank plans to use treasury shares in its portfolio; the reference price for determining the number of shares equivalent to the value of the variable pay concerned will be the average share price for the period from 1 April through 30 April of the year the compensation is awarded and paid.

Upfront variable pay can be clawed back if in the year following its award the right to it has not vested.

B. Quantitative information

The table on annual changes is not presented here, since for the Banca IFIS Group share-based payment agreements do not fall within the category concerned by said table.

2. Other information

The portion to be settled in shares of Top Management's variable pay awarded for the year 2014 amounts to 146 thousand Euro: the number of shares to be awarded will be calculated as described above.


Last updated on 2015-02-18