Section 15 – Other operating income (expenses) – Item 220

15.1 Other operating expenses: breakdown

a) Contribution to the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund (FITD) (1.062) (667)
b) Transactions with customers (31) (103)
c) Other expenses (829) (465)
Total (1.922) (1.235)

In 2014, Banca IFIS recognised under other operating expenses the amount paid to Italy’s Interbank Deposit Protection Fund (FITD) for the rescue loan to Banca Tercas, based in Ascoli Piceno, net of the portions already set aside during 2013, as described in Part B, Section 12 Provisions for risks and charges of these Notes.

15.2 Other operating income: breakdown

a) Recovery of third party expenses 3.563 4.002
b) Receivable rental fees 80 101
c) Other income 315 119
Total 3.958 4.222

The item ‘Recovery of third party expenses” refers to charges on customers for legal and consulting expenses, as well as registration fees and stamp duties recognised under the item ‘Other administrative expenses’.


Last updated on 2015-02-18