Corporate Bodies

Boad of Directors  
Chairman Sebastien Egon Fürstenberg
Deputy Chairman Alessandro Csillaghy
CEO Giovanni Bossi (1)
Directors Giuseppe Benini
Francesca Maderna
Andrea Martin
Riccardo Preve
Marina Salamon
  Daniele Santosuosso
General Manager Alberto Staccione
Board of Statutory Auditors  
Chairman Giacomo Bugna
Standing Auditors Giovanna Ciriotto
  Mauro Rovida
Alternate Auditors Luca Giacometti
Sonia Ferrero
Indipendent Auditors Reconta Ernst & Young S.p.A.
Corporate Accounting Carlo Sirombo

1) The CEO has powers for the ordinary management of the Company.

 logo Banca Ifis

Fully paid-up share capital 53.811.095 Euro
Bank Licence (ABI) No. 3205.2
Tax Code and Venice Companies
Register Number: 02505630109
VAT No.: 02992620274
Enrolment in the Register of Banks No.: 5508
Registered and administrative officeMember of Factors
Via Terraglio 63, – Mestre, 30174 – Venice, Italy Chain International

logo FCI

Member of Factors Chain International 

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