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Credi Impresa Futuro

Credi Impresa Futuro

Faced with strong demand and armed with a decade of experience in this segment, Banca IFIS developed a new project and introduced also a new brand to foster the growth of trade finance loans to Italian SMEs: Credi Impresa Futuro. The multichannel service and real-time continuous support, together with the close proximity to our customers through our network, are the strengths of this initiative. Our revamped team of specialists ensures an open and constant dialogue between the bank and its customers. The web – in all its forms – is the preferred method to contact customers, giving more and more opportunities for raising financing to businesses requiring it.

The advanced use of CRM platforms and approaching the market also through social media are the ingredients of a formula which is further proof of the Bank’s pioneering spirit.

In the last 6 months of 2014 alone, over 4.200 companies received financing and custom-tailored solutions aimed at resolving specific working capital financing problems through the factoring of trade receivables. In particular, Banca IFIS's Credi Impresa Futuro managed to address the needs of companies that boast supply relationships with customers of good credit standing. Banca IFIS was the first in providing factoring, a service usually required by large businesses, to SMEs: this allowed the Bank to finance companies by transferring the credit risk to their customers, i.e. to the account debtors. The assessment and authorisation criteria used by Credi Impresa Futuro and related to this financial instrument focus on the credit quality and the productive capacity of the company, rather than exclusively on its capital position, allowing Credi Impresa Futuro to always act out of awareness. Through this approach, Credi Impresa Futuro focuses on the current and future ability of its corporate customers to grow their business.


Requirements for the customer to access Credi Impresa Futuro's services


Credi Impresa Futuro’s intervention is based on a key and constant element, i.e. factoring the customer's trade receivables and financing them in a very short time. For Credi Impresa Futuro, financing a customer means providing the resources to run and expand its business. However, the lending business alone is not representative of the Bank’s whole product range. Leveraging trade receivables to provide companies with the necessary support to develop involves new factors, whose mix generates intrinsically better results compared to traditional bank lending. Indeed, non-specialist banks base their credit risk analysis and their assessment of whether or not to intervene almost exclusively on the client company and its creditworthiness. In Credi Impresa Futuro’s approach, the focus is on the trade receivables the client company manages to generate and the quality of its customers: this has resulted in a new way of providing credit that is more effective than the traditional approach.

For the client company, the relationship with Credi Impresa Futuro is not just about credit. Of course, this remains crucial, as especially small- and medium-sized enterprises often need resources urgently to finance their working capital; but it is also about outsourcing accounts receivable management. Smaller companies find it cost-effective and efficient to let a specialist player such as Credi Impresa Futuro manage their accounts receivable; at the same time, larger companies consider outsourcing such a delicate process as managing their accounts receivable as a way to generate value.

Furthermore, it is also a question of monitoring the risk related to the final debtor. Credi Impresa Futuro assesses the creditworthiness of the account debtors, i.e. those that in the end must repay their trade receivables. For the Bank, this is crucial: it may decide not to act if the account debtor (i.e. the “customer” of the Bank's client) does not meet the necessary credit requirements.

Therefore, Credi Impresa Futuro's intervention is not exclusively about trade finance. Besides credit, we provide a service to manage accounts receivable and to assess customers' creditworthiness, which makes it extremely effective for the client company to work with the Bank.

Credi Impresa Futuro has a widespread presence throughout Italy, with 28 branches employing over 180 professional staff responsible for managing trade relations and customer-related activities, ensuring an on-going relationship between the Bank and companies. For Credi Impresa Futuro, meeting customers promptly and directly at their premises is the norm, as are high in-house standards concerning the speed, effectiveness, transparency and directness of the relationship between the Bank and the customer. Although establishing a direct relationship is the best way for Credi Impresa Futuro to acquire new clients and know existing ones better, in order to engage with its customers, it maintains relations with selected qualified institutional counterparties, such as local banks and industry trade groups. In this way, it aims to provide customers/associates with a service that is as effective as possible.

The knowledge of the local area and customers, together with the business model based on factoring and mitigating the relevant credit risk, allow the Bank to maintain a relatively limited risk profile for its assets. In particular, the assets’ quality is generally better than that normally resulting from banking operations involving small- and medium-sized enterprises, especially considering the current economic scenario, affected by a severe recession and six years characterised by financial distress and the credit crunch. This means that the Bank – in a year in which it continued to support Italian SMEs, increasing the number of loans granted – incurred losses on receivables, but those were nonetheless lower than before and did not prevent Banca IFIS from creating value in this specific and challenging sector. The Bank's business model and its different approach to credit risk allowed it to continue operating in favour of companies, even in the face of market conditions causing non-specialist banks to struggle in efficiently taking risks on small- and medium-sized enterprises. 

Credi Impresa Futuro's solutions for credit problems






Banca IFIS International


Banca IFIS is one of the most active players in international factoring and stands out from the competition due to its direct presence in foreign markets, such as Poland, Romania, Hungary and, through an investee company, India, with around 30 professional staff dedicated to the Group's international business.

Banca IFIS International's strength lies in its ability to act not only as a reference in providing financing to businesses, but also as a consultant to those customers who intend to enter new markets or are looking for new operating solutions to propose to their counterparties. Thanks to its experience of the markets and the various industrial sectors, the Bank can effectively assist companies in seizing growth opportunities in all markets as well as locally serve Italian businesses with branches and subsidiaries in the countries where Banca Ifis operates directly or through its subsidiaries. This way, our customers can receive comprehensive support in making strategic investment to go global.

Requirements for the customer to access Banca IFIS International's services

Banca Ifis 2013

Banca Ifis 2013

In 2014, as in the previous year, several countries registered increased demand for indirect factoring integrated with maturity factoring. This allows the buyer to provide its foreign suppliers with the necessary financial support and to benefit from the extension of payments terms granted by the factor, which pays the supplier at maturity.

What specific needs Banca IFIS International meets


Banca Ifis 2013

Export Factoring is the product dedicated to Italian exporting companies and includes both recourse and non-recourse factoring. To offer the service most suited to the customer’s needs, the Bank, depending on the type of operation proposed and the countries involved, can intervene directly or use the services of its correspondents.

Import Factoring is the service offered to foreign companies exporting to Italy. Also in the case of import, services can be offered directly to foreign companies or to FCI correspondents. In the first case, the three services – management, guarantee against the risk of default, and financing of receivables – are almost always present, while in the case of operations notified by correspondents, the focus is usually on management and guarantee against the risk of default. It is important to stress that the Bank has been structured in such a way as to be able to enter into a direct relationship with any foreign company, except for those operating in markets with impediments to the transfer of credit.

In the business segment of non-domestic operations, two foreign counterparties are involved: Generally, non-recourse factoring is preferred for this kind of service. Offering non-domestic operations requires extensive knowledge of the law of the countries involved, with particular reference to the conditions required to guarantee that the transfer of the receivable is valid, both for directly managed dealings and for those notified by FCI correspondents.

Banca IFIS International's solutions for credit problems 

Banca Ifis 2013

Banca Ifis 2013

Banca Ifis 2013

Banca Ifis 2013

Banca Ifis 2013

Banca IFIS Pharma


Banca IFIS Pharma is the Banca IFIS Group's area dedicated to creating integrated management solutions for companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and service sectors wishing to factor receivables due from Italy's National Health Service.

Banca IFIS Pharma proposes “Ias Compliant” non-recourse factoring solutions which solve credit management problems and allow customers to hedge late payment risk.

Purchasing these receivables, as they are due from the Health Service, implies less exposure to the downgrade risk and returns in line with the Bank's standards.


Banca IFIS International's solutions for credit problems



In 2014, the Pharma business area consolidated the excellent relations established in previous years, continuing to expand its customer base and addressing the trade finance needs of large pharmaceutical companies. In 2014, the payment of the national health service’s outstanding debts to companies accelerated; however, in spite of the measures taken by the Italian government, late payments from the Public Administration continue to severely affect industry players.

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