Significant events occurred during the year

Banca IFIS transparently and timely discloses information to the market, constantly publishing information on significant events through press releases. Please refer to the “Investor Relations\Press Releases” section on the website for complete details.

Here below is a summary of the most important events:

End of the securitisation process

In October 2013, the revolving period of the securitisation started in October 2008 with IFIS Collection Services S.r.l., a special purpose vehicle set up for this transaction, ended. The amortisation period, during which the securities issued by the vehicle, amounting to 328 million Euro, were reimbursed in full, ended on 24 February 2014, when the termination letters were signed. On the same day, the Bank bought back the portfolio of receivables sold to the vehicle and not collected.

Sale of ordinary shares by La Scogliera

On 10 March 2014, La Scogliera S.p.A. sold 2.168.332 ordinary shares in Banca IFIS S.p.A., representing 4,03% of the share capital, for 28,2 million Euro, following the requests of two major international institutional investors at a price of 13 euro per share.

As a result, La Scogliera owns approximately 52,6% of Banca IFIS's share capital, subject to a 180-day lock-up period starting from the date of 10 March 2014.

Appointment of new Independent Auditors

In its meeting of 17 April 2014, the Bank's Shareholders' Meeting, upon proposal by the Board of Statutory Auditors, assigned Reconta Ernst & Young S.p.A. the task of performing the audit of the Bank's separate and consolidated financial statements for the period 2014-2022 and the additional duties closely related to audit activities.

Purchase of a DRL segment portfolio

On 4 July 2014 Banca IFIS announced the purchase of a Non-Performing Loans portfolio in the Personal Loans and Credit cards/Revolving segments of the Consumer Credit segment. This is the largest portfolio purchased by the Bank so far, with a par value of 1.3 billion Euro, and consisting of over 120.000 positions of Italian households.

Cancellation of Government-backed bonds

On 15 October 2014 Banca IFIS, after having obtained the necessary authorisations, cancelled its bonds backed by the Italian Government in full. Such bonds, issued in January 2012 for a total amount of 207 million Euro, had been bought back in full by the Bank at the time of issue and were never placed on the market.

Last updated on 2015-02-18